Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Performer

For Your Ears and Heart
My dream since I was a little girl was to become a singer. And I am one - both then and now. A California girl to the core - from Anaheim to San Diego to Sacramento  - my roots are secured in 70s folk-rock sensibility, with some 90s angst peeking through. Both of my parents sing - Dad plays guitar beautifully and writes fun songs about the great Golden State, and Mom was always singing or humming harmony parts to whatever's on the turntable or in the tape deck. 

The Vineyard church was where I could really emote and learn to harmonize with anything/anyone, and my first band out of high school, Under the Mercy, where I learned how to really explore my vocal range,  becoming aware of stage presence (open your eyes! Move around or something!)  and connecting with the audience. 
With an inherent  desire for the spotlight, a passion for indie  music and art, and a missed calling as a stand-up comedienne,  I couldn't believe my luck when I was  handed the opportunity to host and promote local showcases  and even a web radio show "Love Thy Neighbor". (Thanks to Cathryn Beeks who is  the Kevin Bacon of San Diego, with less degrees of separation...) 

Sharing my art - whether on a stage or from the studio - to influence  your mood is of absolute  importance to me.  You are why I sing.

My next chapter began in October 2015 when I moved to my state's capitol to be closer to family, nature, and a new musical frontier!